Final countdown to this year’s County Big Day Out

20 Jun Final countdown to this year’s County Big Day Out

See below for picture opportunities on eve of show, Tuesday 21st June 2011.  Photo archive available on Flickr for download: click here

As the final preparation is made for the spectacular annual event that is the Lincolnshire County Show, a complete town has emerged on the 200 acre showground site at Grange de Lings. 

Signposts and road names are in place and 10,000 square metres of marquees have been erected.  Some 20 miles of electrical cable has been laid, 800 tables and 3,000 chairs have been set out.  And there are car parks for 12,000 cars, and 45,000 copies of an 88 page programme.

There are 11 rings, 1800 horses and ponies entries, over 1300 cattle, pigs, sheep and goats in the livestock entries, and there are over 600 trade stands selling everything from frying pans to fashion.

More than 100 stewards are involved, one for every aspect of the show, each in their distinctive bowler hats.

Said Mark Farmer, chief executive of Lincolnshire Agricultural Society :  “Everything is going very well and we’re hoping to beat last year’s record for overall visitors.  We’ve received record bookings from traders to attend and the livestock and equine entries are also excellent.”

This year’s event features an even wider array of events for the whole family, including a concert on the Wednesday that will entertain visitors through into the evening.

“As the flagship event at the Showground, this year’s Show is set to be a fantastic day out for the whole family,” added Mark Farmer.

Visitors can follow the set up through the Showground’s live Twitter stream at @lincsshow or through the Show’s Facebook page.


Picture opportunities Tuesday 21st June 2011: Eve of Show

Mark Farmer, chief executive will be on site and available for interview, but a slot would need to be pre-arranged.

Mambo the mammoth – constructed entirely of straw bales.   Originally created for a Weetabix competition.   Mambo on Facebook

Cross country fences go in place around 2.30 – 3.00pm – forklifts in the main ring putting huge fences into place.

Cattle coming into the showground, being washed down and going into the stock lines.  Throughout the day.

Food court – set up of stall and producers throughout the day.   E.g. Redhill Farm, prize winners at Lincs Show last year and also recent winners of Countryside Alliance Local Food Award for East of England 2010 and Tastes of Lincolnshire BIG Sausage Festival 2010 for Lincolnshire’s Favourite Sausage.

Flower show / floral decorations – day-long activity to create huge floral displays.

Tennyson Pavilion – latest new building on site, which will be opened for the first time at the Show and being used for corporate hospitality guests at the Show.